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Where is the submit button? You are working directly o­n the web so there is no o­ne magical button that submits the Tier II report. Your information is being changed every time the update button is hit. For your submission to be considered complete, you must print and send your certification letter and fee calculation worksheet(s) after updates are finished.

After entering in my quantities, the fee calculation worksheet still says I owe $0. Why? The Optional Report box has been checked. If you feel this is in error, go back and click o­n each chemical listed and uncheck the Optional Report box. This is located o­n the Chemical Information screen, right about the Inventory (In Pounds).

How do I convert gallons to pounds?

Formula: Total gallons x Specific Gravity x 8.33 = Total pounds

The specific gravity of a chemical/product can be found o­n the Safety Data Sheet (formerly called Material Safety Data Sheet).

How do I attach a site plan file? If you wish to include a site plan then a hard copy must be sent with your submission.

How do I print out a paper copy of my Tier II? You can create a hard copy by clicking o­n the Generate PDF icon. If you have more than o­ne facility, you may also click o­n Generate PDF for all Facilities.

After printing out my Tier II, I noticed a couple of errors. Can I go back into the system and change my information and then print another hard copy? Yes. You can make changes and generate your Tier II form as many times as necessary.

To whom do I make the check out? Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE).

Can I pay by credit card? Yes. Go to to access the credit card payment form. It must be completed and mailed along with the certification statement and fee calculation worksheet to the address below, or emailed to

What is the mailing address? KDHE, Right-to-Know Program, 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 330, Topeka KS 66612-1365

Where is my Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and local fire department? You may find your county's LEPC at You will need to contact the LEPC to find your local fire department.

I don't know my latitude/longitude coordinates. Where can I get help converting your address to latitude/longitude? There are several websites that will help with obtaining latitude/longitude coordinates. Below are a few:

The system won't take the latitude/longitude coordinates when I enter them and hit Update. What am I doing wrong? The latitude/longitude fields o­nly accept numerical values. Enter the coordinates in the decimal degrees format. Do not use the degrees/minutes/seconds or degrees/decimal minutes format. Using any values besides a number (i.e. apostrophe) will result in an error message. The website listed below will convert the latitude/longitude coordinates for you.

My NAICS Code is missing. What happened? KDHE recently updated the Tier II database to the 2022 NAICS classification system. This caused the system to lose some NAICS information since a few of the 2017 classifications no longer exist. The website below can help to determine your new NAICS code. If you know your SIC Code, there is also a SIC to NAICS crosswalk.

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